Smart Automation for
Active Traders!

Automate your trading to save time, apply discipline and increase your opportunities.

Learn how charts and options can improve your trade management!

After decades of trading, our founders turned to trade automation to save time and deploy a higher level of discipline in their trading.  They wanted to share their tools so everyone could have the same opportunity.

Our Services


This service gives you access to a paper trading account to get started. It has live stock tiles, paper automation, and charting.

Automated Position Manager

With a linked trading account, you get live data, $10 signal credits and automation and with live charts.

APM+Trade Levels

This is our pro version where you get all the live data plus our hand drawn support and resistance levels to help find triggers and targets.

Easy to use-no coding required!

From charting to automation – no coding needed.  All actions are a simple click of the mouse!

Learn to Trade Options With Us

Learn First

Paper Trading and Basic Charting(Free)

Pro Charting

Paper and Pro Price Levels(subscription)


Connect to your Broker, Price Levels and Automated Action Signals(subscription)


Treat your trading like a business. Automation does the work for you.

The bots can Roll or Exit your trade at your profit levels!

Let the bot deploy discipline by rolling your options at critical levels.  This locks in gains and reduces capital at risk.  Simply click the level, click to roll to the option of your choice, then click your pricing strategy.  it has never been simpler!

OPTIONS ROBOT is a suite of analysis and trading tools (referred to as the “TRADING PLATFORM” or simply the “PLATFORM”) designed to assist active traders and investors in applying their strategies intelligently in the marketplace. OPTIONS ROBOT does not recommend any securities to buy or sell. OPTIONS ROBOT offers neither trading nor investment advice. The OPTIONS ROBOT platform in its entirety, and the market data feeds that support the platform, are provided “AS-IS” and WITHOUT WARRANTY.
Please see our Terms of Service, Customer Contract and Market Data Disclaimers for additional disclaimers.
As should always the case, we urge users to perform their own careful due diligence and research before making any trading or investing decisions.

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