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Charts & Paper Trading

Historical price charts are among the most critical tools to effectively utilize for any active trader. Our charting includes a full suite of indicators, annotation tools and technical analysis studies. Learning to view the markets through a custom and consistent window is a must if one expects to read charts objectively to rank and manage emerging opportunities in the market.

Our paper trading suite allows you to enter, dynamically manage and ultimately exit trades in the same way one would in the real markets. This allows newer traders to practice trading properly before putting real capital at risk. Developing a consistent and successful process may be the most important milestone to reach for traders that are new to options! 

Our paper trading environment allows traders to experience the powerful enhancements that dynamic automation can add to trading performance for free!

Automated Position Manager | Charting | Brokerage Connection

Our desire to help traders with disciplined and dynamic position management is what inspired us to create this platform. We’ve been assisting traders for decades as part of what we do and, to us, this aspect has consistently been described as the missing piece by most busy-but-willing traders. Nonprofessional traders, and even Pros at times, often get caught up managing one trade intently and that can often result in many missed other opportunities elsewhere: Very high opportunity costs mount….

By designing a position management plan in advance and by deploying automation, not only can the trader “keep an eye on” many more positions but they can do so with greater discipline and likely with greater speed/time saved! Stated differently, this approach will help the undisciplined define and stick to their plan. It will allow a successful strategy to be deployed into more than one trade at a time! Regardless of the trader or investor’s time frame, there is no longer a good reason to have to helicopter over your positions! Design your dynamic position management plan(s) and move onto other emerging opportunities!

Each executed automated trade is considered to be only 1 signal! So, regardless of how many contracts or shares are transacted at that part of a management plan, the signal cost is only 1 signal credit.

Automated Position Management Signals are $1.00 with a prepaid automation account. They can be rebilled at preset refill level.

The Options Robot APM Monthly base price is $49.00 (includes $10 signal credits).

Pro-Charting Price levels

The Pro-Charts Price Levels provides traders with access to our technical analysis team’s Support and Resistance lines. We use these “flat lines” lines for all aspects of our trading. We use them as potential entry and exit points as well as areas where we would consider making a position adjustment such as rolling a long option position or part of a spread.  

When combined with other technical and statistical factors that we utilize, these levels allow traders to know where they may expect to see the stock price hesitate to proceed and are used in conjunction with an evaluation or current market conditions. We’ve successfully utilized these levels for many years so having access to them can save traders a ton of time! These levels are provided on S&P 500 components, NDX (Nasdaq 100), the DJIA components, many ETFs and several other stocks etc. We expect to extend our coverage over the course of time.

The Options Robot APM with Pro-Charting Price Levels Monthly price is $149.00 (includes $10 signal credits).

It’s time to invest in yourself!

Get your time back!

Learn how automated dynamic position management can add discipline and enhance your trading performance!

It's time to invest in yourself!

Get your time back, learn how automation can help your strategies or simply exiting to your trades!

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